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Mount Nuolja is a mythical, enticing place. Come and experience winter landscapes in our mountains by taking the chairlift up – to 900 meters above sea level. Go skiing or just enjoy the mountain scenery   – everyone is welcome!

Nuolja is a mountain designed for pure skiing enjoyment. With its 500 meters of vertical drop, there are endless possibilities to discover new lines in natural mountain terrain – only your imagination and creativity set the limits! There are no groomed slopes here; instead, you get to enjoy off-piste skiing all over the mountain. Keep in mind that parts of the ski area are not avalanche-controlled, so skiing outside marked areas is at your own risk. If you feel uncertain about skiing off-piste, we offer off-piste guiding.

At the top station, you can enjoy both the view and some delicious snacks! If you’re not into skiing, you can also purchase a round-trip ticket for the cable car. Why not sit back and savor the view at the top station?

Dates and Times

February 16 – April 21
09:30 AM – 04:00 PM


Chair-lift ticket


We recommend you to book and pay your visit in advance. Tickets can also be purchased at STF Abisko Turiststation.

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Please note

The chairlift may close due to adverse weather conditions.

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