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Transfer from Kiruna

You can take an airport transfer from Kiruna directly to Abisko. Book your ticket in advance.
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Transfer from Narvik

There is an airport transfer from Evenes to Narvik Bus Station

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Transfer to/from Narvik you can book in advance via Visit Abisko

Phone: +46 980 40037


Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian have daily depatures between Kiruna and Stockholm Arlanda. There is also depatures to the airport in Narvik/Evenses, Norway.

Flight tickets Scandinavian Airlines

Flight tickets Norweigan

Discover the World offer a direct flight from the UK during the winter season, departing from London Heathrow to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland, just 80 minutes from Abisko.

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STF Abisko Turiststation has its own train station, Abisko Turiststation. From the train station there is a 10 minutes walk up to the ground station of Aurora Sky Station or to STF Abisko Turiststation. Book your train tickets with SJ in advance

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Phone: +46 771 757 575


STF Abisko Turiststation is situated 100 kilometres northwest of Kiruna along the road E10. You can drive all the way up to the ground station of STF Aurora Sky Station or STF Abisko Turiststation.


The road between Kiruna and Abisko is trafficked by Länstrafiken Norrbotten. You can find the actual time table on their web page. Look for bus 91.
tel +46 771 100110


Visit Abisko  Phone: +46 98040037

Taxi Kiruna  Phone: +46 98012020

Narvik Taxi Phone:+47 075 50

Rental car

Some of the rental car companies in Kiruna and Narvik/Harstad



Accomodation in Abisko

STF Abisko Turist Station – only 10 minutes away from the chair lift to STF Aurora Sky Station – offers the closest lodging. The Mountain Station offers various accommodations. Here you also find a nice restaurant serving daily breakfast, lunches and dinners.

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Aurora Sky Station
STF Abisko Turiststation
981 07 SWEDEN
Telephone: +46 980 402 00
Email: [email protected]