Midnight Sun Hike

Here in Abisko, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle, the sun doesn’t go down below the horizon even at midnight from the beginning of June. Then, the polar day is filled with daylight around the clock. So we can go “night hiking” in alpine terrain lit up by the red-yellow, polar light that envelops our surroundings – from the sky above us to the ground beneath our feet.

Your midnight light experience starts already on the chairlift ride, gliding quietly and slowly up over hillside slopes with the mountains as a panorama. Now the hike begins as we climb the remaining meters up towards Mount Nuolja’s summit (1164 m.a.s.l. ). During a short break at the top, our efforts are richly rewarded by observing that the sun never falls below the horizon. Up here gives us magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and the great Torneträsk lake.

Here too is the internationally renowned STF Aurora Sky Station with its large outdoor terrace and lookout tower from which spectacular views can be enjoyed. Take the opportunity to have “Swedish fika” in the café or buy a souvenir before walking back to the chairlift.


June 13, 2019 – July 21, 2019


21:00 – 01: 00




Return ticket for chairlift, hiking with guide, beverage and snacks near Nuolja’s summit.


We recommend that you book and pay in advance. Remaining places can be booked at STF Abisko Turiststation.

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Please note

If the chairlift is temporarily not in use due to adverse weather conditions, you will receive a refund or be offered an alternative activity.

Pär Johansson